30-Day Money Back Guarantee

Our 30-day satisfaction guarantee

We are confident that we can fit you with clubs that help you play better golf! Every club we recommend will help you play better! If you are not satisfied with your golf within 30 days of your Xact fitting, simply return your purchase for a full credit or refund.

  • The guarantee doesn’t apply to odd irons, wedges, putters over R1500, or forged clubs.
  • Woods must be taped in order to validate the guarantee.
  • The clubs must have been subjected to an Xact fitting during the sales process to invoke the guarantee.
  • The 30-day period starts on the day of purchase, or the day that risks and rewards of ownership pass, whichever is earlier.
  • Our staff are rigorously trained, and we back their expertise to sell the right product or combination of product. This is central to the guarantee, in that the clubs and any modifications thereon, must have been recommended or suggested to the customer by staff of The Pro Shop. The guarantee is not valid if the customer has special ordered the club/s or has insisted on selecting the clubs himself or has insisted on his own. Preferred modifications.
  • The guarantee is a satisfaction guarantee, and so a reason as to why the clubs are not performing must be provided to invoke the guarantee.

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