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This deal consists of the Rukket Haack Hitting Net, the Synsport Basic Practise Mat, the Rapsodo Mobile Launch Monitor OR the Swing Caddie Launch Monitor 2021 SC300i.

The Haack net is the perfect combination of size, durability, affordability, and easy setup. This product features Rukket's effortless signature ball return feature and a knotless high-performance net for an easy way to practise your swing and shots. This net is portable, lightweight, you can use real golf balls to practise and it's perfect for practising in your backyard
-Rock-solid netting
-Fast and easy setup
-Lightweight and portable
-Carry bag included
-4-ply knotless netting
-Measures: 10ft W x 7ft H x 3 ft D

The Synsport basic golf practise mat will aid you with your practise shots in the comfort of your home or outdoors. This mat is made with durable materials and is easy to store and set up for on-the-go practise. This mat includes a rubber tee and is 1m x 1.5m in size.
-Rubber tee
-Durable quality
-Indoor or outdoor use
-Easy to store
-Easy to use

To use Rapsodo's MLM you will need an iOS device (Android coming soon). The MLM uses the phone's camera, set on top of the device, to measure and record shots. The initial setup takes a few minutes to calibrate your phone and device. It is recommended to set up indoors and before the range as you may have some issues seeing the screen and detailed instructions in the bright sun. Once the session has begun, you can change the club being recorded in the app by waiving the club in front of the device and it will auto-detect your hand motions.
-iOS compatible
-Outdoor or indoor use
-Distance accuracy
-Easy set up in under 30 mins
-Instant feedback-real-time video feedback
-GPS satellite view
-Use your phone's GPS to see where your shots land on the range or course


The Swing Caddie SC300i Launch monitor is portable and includes a USB charging cable and a protective hard case for your convenience. This device includes an easy-to-use new design and offers shot video recording with data overlay, swing tracing, social login, new modes of practice, target mode as well as an in-depth data analysis on your game.
-USB charging cable included
-Video analysis, Instant Feedback via LCD Display
-In-depth data analysis
-Voice output and accuracy control
-Launch Angle
-Swing Speed
-Apex (Max Height)
-Ball Speed
-Adjustable Loft Angles

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