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This deal consists of the Golf Gear Hitting Net, the Golf Gear Dual Turf Hitting Mat, the Golf Gear Return Putting Mat and the Golf Gear Putting Arc Mat.

The Golf Gear Hitting Net is a golf practice tool that aids your golf practice in the comfort of your home. This hitting net includes a wide net and frame structure to set up and practise your swings. The net is easy to assemble and collapse after use, it is also portable for easy travel. The net is made from lightweight and durable materials for endless practise rounds. It is the most popular golf practice net that stops your golf ball and sends it back to you for another swing.
-Easily collapsible
-Easy Assembly
-Ideal for the garden
-Advanced Features
-Frame Construction
-Ease of Assembly
-Indoor and outdoor

The Golf Gear Dual Turf Hitting Mat simulates both the fairway and the rough, providing realistic practice sessions wherever you play. This mat ideal for all skill levels to practise driving, iron, and chipping play from your back yard without any more divots damage to your lawn. The mat is fitted with a non-slip shock absorbent base for stability on any surface. This hitting mat is made with durable and quality materials to allow you to hit your best shot as many times as you would like, without any damage to the mat.
-Easy storage
-Removable rubber tee included
-Designed for indoor and outdoor use
-High-quality grass and durable heavy rubber base
-Fold up 2-Turf Mat into half of its size within seconds
-Allow thousands of swings without moving because it is heavy and durable

The Golf Gear return putting mat is made with durable and lightweight material, for on-the-go practise rounds. This mat is easy to assemble and store making it portable for travel and great for office play. This mat has an innovative ball return system, your ball will be returned to you whether you hit a hole in one or not. This eliminates the repetitive task of collecting your ball and allows for endless practise time. This mat features a painted line that will help you practise your putting aim, accuracy, your speed, and directional control.
-Easy to assemble
-Easy storage
-Lightweight and compact
-Ideal for golfers of all skill levels
-Made of high-quality, durable, lightweight material
-Auto return putting mat
-Indoor and outdoor use

The Golf Gear Putting Arc Mat is designed to give you visual and physical feedback of one the most important aspects of putting, controlling the face angle. This Putting Arc Mat comes with holes placed strategically where you can fix tee pegs to help physically constrain the stroke to the shape of each individual arc. This Putting Arc Mat will minimise excessive side spin and promote a better ball roll to help distance, control, and accuracy.
-Strategically placed holes for your tees
-Designed for visual and physical feedback
-Assists with distance, control, and accuracy

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