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The Big Bertha irons, released a couple of years ago, were Callaway’s first set of full hollow body irons and they were absolute distance beasts! At the time, their marketing campaign focused on the irons being 2 clubs longer and they delivered on this promise! We could not help but get excited by the release of the updated Big Bertha OS irons. Technology-wise, there is a lot to discuss but we’ll focus on the key points. The hollow body construction enables the iron to perform like a hybrid in terms of forgiveness while retaining the workability of an iron. The 360 Face Cup has evolved and is now even closer to legal limits than before. Cup Face Technology pushes ball speed to the extreme by giving the entire face the ability to fl ex. An Internal Standing Wave (normally only seen in their woods) is infused with tungsten to manipulate the launch by altering the height of the wave from club to club. It also drops the CG position making them easy to launch. A new EXO Cage construction further enhances the benefi ts of the 360 Face Cup. If allowed to fl ex at will, the face loses energy on the side where the ball was not struck. The EXO Cage is positioned to ensure that the entire face rebounds back after it has fl exed. This makes the new Big Bertha OS irons more forgiving, even on mishits! We were privileged to see the inside of this clubhead. It truly is an engineering feat with 60% of the hosel hollowed out to further save weight! As a result however, these clubs are not customisable (loft and lie) so any special setups need to be ordered directly from the factory. These are aimed at beginners or those who have lost some speed. High handicaps with slower clubhead speeds will greatly benefit from these irons.

The New Tour VT sole has been modified to move even more efficiently through the turf, reducing impact resistance and tightening shot dispersion for better consistency and control. Combining the soft forging of 1020 Carbon steel with a special heat treatment deliver unsurpassed feel and control
Improved spin control from 5% larger grooves than the previous generation and double laser milling.

- 1020 Carbon steel
- Improved spin control
- Tour VT sole
- Double laser milling

Product code: 4000674

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