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The Callaway PM Grind 2019 Wedge features four micro-positive ridges machined into flat parts of the face, parallel to the grooves, creating 84 points of contact with the ball. The ridges form a micro-groove between them, which is why it’s called Groove-in-Groove. For PM Grind 2019, Phil suggested machining the micro-grooves into the face at a 20º angle, making them perpendicular to the target line, or close to it, when you open the face, promoting more spin on lob shots. Callaway testing indicates that offset Groove-in-Groove placement promotes an increase of up to 12% more spin on lob shots.

The higher toe, made possible by removing weight from the sole (represented by the four holes in the sole, each filled with a metallic green aluminum cap) pulls the CG location upward to promote a lower trajectory, with the added benefit of creating more space high on the face, which is helpful on lobs from tall grass.

PM Grind 2019 is equipped with premium components: Tour-proven KBS Hi-Rev 2.0 steel wedge shaft designed to deliver an optimum balance of feel, spin and control. Tour-proven Lamkin UTX grip in black with green highlights. Choice of two rich finishes: Platinum Chrome and the stunning, head-turning new Tour Grey. The premium look is further enhanced by the beautiful circular PM Grind medallion on the back.

- Offset Groove-in-Groove Technology for High Spin Lob & Pitch Shots
- Increased Offset & Higher Toe for Crisp, Flag-finding Knockdown Shots
- C-Grind Sole Configuration for Crisp Contact from a Broad Range of Lies
- Premium Components and Finishes

Model Name: PM Grind
Hand Availability: Right Handed
Shaft Brand: KBS
Shaft Model: Hi-Rev 2.0
Spin: High
Gender: Men's
Sole Grind: C - Grind Sole
Colour: Silver
Product code: 4001352

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