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The third member of the Rogue iron family is aimed at your golfer’s looking for unmatched distance
and forgiveness. This is the longest hitting iron we have ever tested. The lofts on the Callaway Rogue
X are between 3 and 4 degrees stronger than the normal Rogue irons (The Rogue 7 iron has a loft of
30 degrees, while the Rogue X 7 iron has a loft of 27 degrees).
The Rogue X incorporates the same technologies as the Rogue, with a few added tweaks; stronger
lofts and more offset help you get the ball in the air.
We are very excited about this product for the golfer who is looking for extra distance. This particular
iron will almost guarantee that you're going to be at least a club less into the green. They will be available from 5 iron to Sandwedge,
with a gap-wedge included.

Rogue X Irons are a total distance overhaul, with our 360 Face Cup and VFT, multi-material construction, Urethane Microspheres, and a component package designed for maximum distance. Rogue X Irons combine our renowned 360 Face Cup technology with Variable Face Thickness (VFT) technology to dramatically expand the portion of the face that delivers fast ball speed. Face Cup employs a shallow, flexible rim around the perimeter of the face that flexes and releases at impact to increase ball speed. Tungsten Weighting allows us to position the CG in each of the long irons with extraordinary precision, promoting optimum launch and control at each individual loft. The tungsten, twice as heavy as steel, concentrates significant weight into a small space in the form of an intricately shaped part, which is key to precisely controlling CG location. Urethane can be used to dampen vibration to improve sound and feel, but it can also greatly reduce the face’s ability to flex, lowering COR and ball speed. Our elastic-urethane microspheres provide the sound and feel benefits of urethane without compromising COR or ball speed. Lighter, longer, stronger: Compared to Rogue Standard, Rogue X is lighter in weight and longer in length, with stronger lofts. Wide sole pulls the CG low and deep for easy, high launch and long carry.

- 360 Face Cup and VFT
- Tungsten weighting for optimal flight and control
- Urethane Microspheres for phenomenal sound and feel
- Radical distance tech package
- Graphite Irons

Model Name: Rogue
Hand Availability: Right Handed
Flight Bias: Neutral
Adjustable Loft: No
Moveable Weight - Flight Bias: No
Flex Availability: Regular & Senior
Gender: Men's
Product code: 4001146

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