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Designed by Sean Toulon, a highly experienced club designer, these putters are a premium line of putters.
They are crafted from a single block of 303 stainless steel giving them an amazingly soft feel at impact. The eye-catching diamond shaped grooves are cut in a way that improves the sound with every stroke. There is also a tiny groove cut in the centre of the diamond, which is cut at an angle to get the ball rolling as soon as possible after impact. This helps with distance and direction control, vital aspects if you want to be a good putter. The one putter that will stand out in series is the Indianapolis. The head is the only one in the range with aluminium and carbon fibre added which give the putter exceptional feel and stability.
We currently stock 7 of the 9 available putters in the Toulon series. No matter what your stroke type is, there will be a Toulon for you, the main thing is just to get a style suits your eye. Be sure to get fitted into the correct style to suit your putting stroke, this could save you many shots.
The Toulon putters are expensive, but we think that you’ll agree with us when we say, just the craftmanship alone is worth every cent. If you consider all the engineering and processes that go into producing a Toulon putter before it ends up in your hands, you simply know it’s perfect in every way. We feel that buying a Toulon can only be classed as money well spent.

- Our classic Madison design features our new full shaft offset mid slant hosel, for an incredibly smooth transition from the neck to the head.
- The Austin Toulon Putter features smallish shoulders that melt into tall back bumpers that slope steeply to the bottom of the wide cavity.
- The Columbus Toulon Putter is a notchback blade with an H2 hosel. Our longneck H2 hosel design creates a 30-degree toe hang, making the Columbus perfectly suited for a less arcing putting stroke.
- The Long Island Toulon Putter offers a slightly longer length with a high toe and H6 hosel. The high toe allows us to position the CG in line face and cavity’s face center, contributing to great feel.
- The San Diego Toulon Putter is our take on another classic putter. Its linear edges and clean look have made it a favorite amongst tour players for years.
- This Memphis Toulon Putter is a strikingly beautiful, face-balanced mallet that combines a multi-material design with a smaller head shape to give it tremendous feel, sound and performance, and a short slant neck H4 hosel with toe hang for players who like to feel the face of their putter rotate more in the stroke.
- The Indianapolis CS Toulon Putter delivers high MOI (5400+) and allows precise CG positioning for phenomenal stability and roll.

Ideal Putter Stroke Type Suited: Slight-Arc
Putter Insert: No
Feel: Soft
Length: 35"
Product code: 4001061





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