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These wedges have been a long time coming. They have a player’s style look at address, with the forgiveness of
an oversize head. Lots of golfers play with cavity back irons and have been craving a matching series
of wedges for their irons. If you wanted to buy a premium gap wedge, lob wedge or a different
sand-wedge for your set, your only real options were intimidating bladed heads, until now.
The new CBX wedges from Cleveland have that classic beautiful Cleveland blade style look from the
top, but they are exceptionally forgiving. The wedges have the new v-shaped sole which helps get
to the bottom of the ball in various lie situations. On the bottom of the club you will see the sole
actually gets wider from the hosel to the toe, but why would they do that? After extensive testing,
results show most miss hits on wedges are out of the toe on the clubface, which is why the extra
weight has been moved to the toe area for added stability and distance for those mishits. We tried
hitting shots out of the toe of the clubface and there was little or no difference in feel, and a very
slight drop in distance which was hardly noticeable.
The CBX wedges have Cleveland’s Rotex Face, Tour Zip grooves, Laser and Micro Milling to give
you all the spin and control that you’d ever need from a wedge. The wedges have the same Feel
Balancing Technology that the CBX irons do, moving the centre of gravity more to the middle of the
face for better feel and distance numbers.
The CBX is a phenomenal wedge and you would be mistaken for thinking this wedge is for the mid
to high handicap golfers only. The versatility that the CBX wedges provide, makes it suitable for any
type of golfer. It doesn’t matter if your wedge play makes you want to give up the game, or if you’re
a magician around the greens, testing the new Cleveland CBX wedges is a must and we know you’ll
be pleasantly surprised.

Get control, precision and all the forgiveness you need. This cavity back wedge puts forgiveness in your short game with a dual-V sole. Spin it like the pro's with Rotex face technology feel.

- Balancing technology
- Dual-V sole
- Cavity back wedge

Model Name: CBX SATIN
Hand Availability: Right Handed
Shaft Brand: True Temper
Shaft Weight: Midweight
Gender: Men's
Sole Grind: V Sole
Product code: 4000915

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