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Cobra’s new line of Pur wedges really impressed us, not just with their crisp finish but the feel and control off the face was excellent.

The Pur wedges are made up of soft 304 stainless steel which provides the exceptional feel. Cobra has not chromed the Pur wedges for two reasons, you will get less glare from the sun and to provide more spin off the face for improved control on your shots. We hit some 80-meter shots using the 56-degree loft sand wedge, unfortunately, we didn’t find any increase in the spin off the face against its competitors, even though the grooves have been cut wider and shallower, to increase spin in the 56, 58 and 60-degree lofts. The wedge did, however, provide more than enough stopping power for those shots into and around the greens.

The Pur wedges are available in three bounce options. There is the Versatile grind, Classic grind, and the Widelow grind. The Versatile grind will undoubtedly be the most popular grind as it will suit most swing types and course conditions, ideal if you have a neutral to sweeping type action. They’re available in even lofts from 50 to 60 degrees. If you get very steep on your shots and take big divots, the Widelow grind will suit you very well. That leaves the Classic grind, ideal for you if you fall somewhere in between the other two. Be sure to check with one of our staff members if you’re not sure as too what grind will be suitable for your swing.

Something that’s also very important is that you must like the look of the wedge. The teardrop shape is not the most popular shape out there but if it suits your eye, the Cobra Pur wedges are definitely worth a test.

Designed with a larger landing area between grooves in weaker lofted wedges, and narrow, tighter spaced grooves in stronger lofted wedges to provide more consistent trajectory through wedge lofts. The Cobra King Pur wedge Delivers an optimized surface roughness across the face to maximize spin and control for greater shot-making around the green.

- 100% CNC milled grooves and faces
- Progressive spin tech
- Variable face roughness

Model Name: KING PUR V
Hand Availability: Right Handed
Shaft Brand: True Temper
Shaft Weight: Heavyweight
Gender: Men's
Sole Grind: V Sole
Product code: 4000823





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