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The Evenroll putters are designed by Guerin Rife who designed the very successful series of Rife putters a number of years ago, meaning the Evenroll putters come with loads of experience and knowledge behind them.
The biggest talking point around the Evenroll putters are the grooves on the face. Looking at the face you will see the uniqueness of the grooves.
The grooves are bigger in the center and progressively become thinner as they move outwards. Because there is less metal on the ball at impact, the ball will run off slower on center strikes and quicker on miss hits. The result is, your putts will now leave the face at a much more consistent speed helping you to save shots, especially on sloping putts where consistent speed is vital to putting well.
Guerin Rife says the grooves on the Evenroll also keep your miss hit putts online which will also help to improve your putting. It’s very hard for us to test this statement but Evenroll has all the robotic testing numbers to prove that it makes a positive difference.

We were also impressed with the grips on the Evenroll putters, they don’t only feel nice and soft in the hand, they also have an alignment line at the bottom of the grip. If you’re someone that likes to line up using their grip, then you’re sure to enjoy the Evenroll grip.

There are currently 12 different styles in the Evenroll line up. There is a sound, look and feel to suit any taste. Keeping this in mind, getting fitted is extremely important to ensure that you get the best Evenroll putter, not only for your stroke but also to ensure that you get your ideal loft, lie and length for your new putter.

A classic heel and toe weighted flange blade.

- CNC Milled in Carlsbad, California USA
- Head Material – 303 stainless steel
- Shafting – Single bend mounted directly into the head

Model Name: Mallet
Hand Availability: Right Handed
Gender: Men's
Putter Alignment Aid: Yes
Ideal Putter Stroke Type Suited: Straight Back - Straight Through
Putter Insert: Yes
Feel: Firm
Length: 35"
Product code: 4000808

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