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Mizuno have been extremely successful with their irons for decades, but their woods up until now, haven’t enjoyed the same type of success. This may well be about to change. We have to say after our extensive testing, the Mizuno GT 180 is a must test.

The GT 180 driver has a new SP700 Forged Face for precise face thickness for better shot consistency off the face. It’s also packed with adjustability which will have those of us that love to fidget, drooling at the mouth. The GT 180 is equipped with an adjustable hosel to optimise your ball flight and help you achieve your desired shape of shot. There are also 2 adjustable 7 gram weights on the sole. These will give the GT 180 a neutral, fade or draw biased ball flight, ideal to make your own personal driver.

That’s not all, there is also a moveable sole pad, which works in conjunction with the adjustable hosel. When adjusting the loft with the hosel, the face will open or close at address, which is a bit off putting for some of us. However, by moving the sole pad, you can counteract this effect allowing you to have your desired face angle at address, irrespective of your loft choice.

Mizuno have added what they call a Waffle Crown on their GT 180 Driver. This allows their engineers to save weight and put that weight saving into other parts of the head that will help to improve the stability and consistency of the driver.

Mizuno have made a real game changing decision by deciding to go with premium, original shaft offerings in their new GT 180 driver. This will play a huge role in making Mizuno a force to be reckoned with in the driver market. The real bonus is that Mizuno are offering these shafts at no upcharge! This simply means that you can get fitted into the best premium shaft Mizuno offers, to maximise your distance and accuracy with the new Mizuno GT 180 driver, at no extra cost.

The GT 180 we feel is aimed at stronger golfers, not in need of distance, it’s more about adjustability and workability than distance. If you fall into this category then you may have found your next driver in the Mizuno GT 180.

The Mizuno GT180 men's Driver is the ultimate fine tunable driver with the dual ability to squeeze every last yard from your drives and evolve with your swing. It is highly adjustable and features twin moveable 7g weights that can be positioned within different sections on the sole of the driver, changing trajectory and spin. Built on a platform of faster than ever ball speeds the GT180 boasts an expanded range of draw, neutral and fade settings in low, mid and high spin flights. The Quick Switch Adjustable Hosel allows for up to four degrees of loft adjustment and three degrees of lie adjustment.

Set the GT180 up to make the very most of the swing you have. Then tweak over the season to keep pace with your swing changes and conditions.

- Faster than ever ball speeds
-Changeable driver
- More varied thicknesses in the face
- More consistent distances on off-center strikes.

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