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The Mizuno S18 STN men's wedge is the newest member in the family of performance wedges with an advanced center of gravity positioning. In the higher lofts, mass is shifted up the blade delivering more consistent spin rates on strikes from high on the clubface, this is more common with more extreme lofts. The Mizuno is a true specialist wedge in every aspect (sole grind, profile, beveled top line, and groove depth) from the 46-degree pitching wedge replacement to the 62-degree lob wedge in a mid-size, rounded profile. Grain Flow Forged with Boron for grooves that stay sharper longer.

-Bounce Specific Sole Grinds matched bounce and sole grind for an ideal level of versatility.
-Rounded Silhouette allows the blade to open without impacting alignment
-Thicker upper blade portion gives a thicker top line on the most lofted options delivers spin consistency from high on the face.
-Precise milled face and Grooves.
-Grain flow forged, patented forging process ensures long, continuous grains to deliver soft, solid, consistent feel

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