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Although the G400 series has been out for some time already it’s still part of their current line-up. These have
proven to be the perfect match to the hugely successful G400 driver. Ping have three types of fairway woods in
the series; the standard G400, the Stretch model and the SFT model.
We were all impressed with how good the club looks at address, the Turbulators on the crown not only help to
increase your club head speed, but they surround the ball beautifully making it extremely easy to line up. The
face is made of maraging steel which flexes more than ever before, creating supper fast ball speeds and higher
launch angles off the face. Ping added a roughened texture to the face to reduce spin allowing for more speed.
Last, but not least is Ping’s new counter balance Alta CB shaft which has a copper colour that turns almost
completely black at address.
The three models can be broken down as follows:
The Stretch is only available in a 13° loft, but like all Ping G400 woods, it can be adjusted between 0.6° and 1° up
or down in loft. The Stretch would work for you if you battle to hit a driver, but still need some distance off the
tee. Off the turf we could see the Stretch pose a problem for most golfers because of the lower launch angle.
Next you have the standard G400 head at 14.5° loft, which will be the preferred choice of most golfers. It’s neutral
in set-up and very easy to hit with great feel and sound.
Lastly you have the SFT head at a standard loft of 16° with a draw bias. For those of us that suffer with fade or
slice, this is medicine to help cure the problem.

The PING G400 fairway wood replaces the G Series fairway wood. The larger clubhead with improved technology in the design, especially in the face provides a higher launch with less spin leading to more distance and consistency for players of all abilities. It is particularly effective on mishits near the heel and toe when it comes to decreased dispersion and loss of distance. he G400 fairway woods' ball speed and stopping power come from an innovative maraging steel face that flexes 30% more, making them our hottest, highest-launching fairway woods ever.

- Maraging steel face
- Thinnest crown
- Machined back weight
- Reduced spin

Model Name: G400
Hand: Left Handed
Flight Bias: Neutral
Adjustable Loft: Yes
Adjustable Loft Range: 0-2°
Moveable Weight - Center of Gravity: No
Moveable Weight - Flight Bias: No
Shaft Brand: ALTA
Shaft Weight: Midweight
Shaft Torque: Medium
Gender: Mens
Product code: 4000867

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