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The Ping G400 driver is rated by MyGolfSpy as the best driver Ping has ever produced. Even though
the G400 drivers have been out for a while now, it’s still one of our best performing drivers. Ping has
always said, they see no point in releasing a new club into the market, if it can’t outperform the old
The G400’s are great looking drivers, they are beautifully finished with some old but, redefined
features from the previous G model driver, and some new ones. One of the things we’ve noticed, is
that the G400 seems to launch easier and faster than the standard G driver at the same loft. Ping said
this is due to the tungsten weight being lower and further back than ever before. The higher launch
angles allowed us to decrease the loft on the drivers, thereby increasing the ball speed for added
distance without sacrificing forgiveness.
The lower and further back tungsten weight has propelled the Ping G400 driver to a combined
MOI of over 9000, making it the 2nd most forgiving and stable driver on the market today! What’s
number one you ask, the new Ping G400 Max. The G400 also has a new heat treated T9S+ forged
face for increased forgiveness and ball speed over the entire face. Just when you thought there
can’t possibly be anymore benefits, the G400 has a faster head shape to reduce drag resulting in
increased club head speed.
The G400 is only a 445cc driver, which in truth, is hardly noticeable, but you would think it would
make the G400 less forgiving. However, based on our tests and feedback from numerous golfers,
the driver is insanely forgiving, especially on off-centre hits. This simply reiterates the findings of the
team at MyGolfSpy.
If you battle with a fade or slice, Ping have kept the SFT draw biased head especially for you. Ping
moved the tungsten weight more towards the heel to help reduce fade or slice spin. Then there is
the LST head with the tungsten weight moved forward for the stronger players, looking for a more
penetrating and workable ball flight.
The new Alta CB shaft has an eye catching copper look to it, but when you put the driver down
at address it turns almost completely black. So there is no distraction from the shaft at address.
The shaft also has more weight in the butt area, thereby allowing them to make the head heavier
without altering the swing-weight. The result is more club-head feel, stability and speed.
There is no doubt that this is a superb driver and it is definitely a worthy replacement for the G

The new PING G400 LS (Low Spin) Tec driver replaces the highly popular G Series LS Tec driver. The latest Low Spin model features improvements on all of the technologies found in its predecessor while achieving this in a slightly smaller clubhead. Better players with high swingspeeds will benefit from the low spin and explosive speed the G400 LS Tec driver produces at impact, leading to longer drives with more roll.

- Faster Forged Face
- Tungsten Back Weight
- Faster Shape
- Satisfying Sound
- Dragonfly Technology Inspired Look

Product code: 4000863

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