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The G700 irons are the most forgiving and longest Ping irons that we’ve ever tested. The G700 is the latest edition to the Ping family, replacing the G-Max irons. The heads are big and loud and you can see the emphasis here is on maximum forgiveness and distance. They have the whole “Nothing can go wrong” look about them.

The C300 super charged Maraging steel face on the G700 irons, flexes double the amount of the old G400 face, makes the ball fly higher and longer than ever before. The Hydropearl finish gives the irons a superb look and control out of variety of conditions. If the standard G700 irons aren’t powerful enough for you, Ping offer the G700 irons in Power Spec Lofts, (Binoculars not included) which make them the longest irons Ping has ever produced. We were very pleased to see the high launch angle’s on the G700’s even with these stronger lofts. In some strong lofted irons, the shots fly lower and as a result, holding the greens would become a real problem which would no doubt bring a smile to your oppositions face.

The massive sweet spot created by the hollow, hybrid style head, maximises the size of the sweet spot. We purposefully hit shots out of the toe and heel to see how generous these irons are, the mishits were unbelievably forgiving and gave us nothing to really complain about. also have quite a bit of offset to help get the ball up in the air and fight a fade or slice. The soles are nice and wide for perfect turf interaction which improves ball contact from a variety of lies.

In conclusion, there is no doubt, the Ping G700’s are true versatile game improvement irons. If you need forgiveness, serious distance and you fall in the mid to high handicap range, which hopefully you won’t be for very long after you buy the G700 irons, then these clubs should make your life a lot more enjoyable on the course. Be sure to get yourself properly fitted, as Ping have always advocated the importance on customization to make sure you get the right set up for your game.

The Ping G700 Men's Steel Irons is a game-improvement iron. PING engineers have worked hard to put a high priority on power and forgiveness by leveraging its advantages which are a hollow-body design and a thin, maraging steel face which create PING’s longest and highest-flying iron to date. All this comes with the added benefits of playability, tighter dispersion as well as enhanced sound in a slim and aesthetically pleasing shape.

The hollow-body construction of the 17-4 stainless steel head allows for the internal geometry design that positions weight away from the face which also creates a frame for metal-wood-like flexing and high COR to greatly increase ball speed for better launching to get the ball higher and farther.

The G700 is one of the strongest alloys in the world, C300 maraging steel increases ball speed and distance by it generating twice the face flexing. Its low and extreme heel to toe perimeter weighting ensures high inertia as well as tightens dispersion.

- Powerful design with hollow-body construction
- MC300 maraging steel face increases ball speed
- Clean appearance, featuring a clean cavity, hydropearl plating and polished accent design
- Forgiving Sole for better turf interaction

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