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Following up on the highly-acclaimed Z545 was always going to be a tough task. Srixon have made strides in the right direction with the new Z565 irons, maintaining the consistency we now expect after the Z545 irons. Without re-inventing the wheel, they have rather opted to refine and improve on existing technologies. The re-engineered grooves (5% larger) and the addition of laser milling has vastly improved the performance. This improves contact with the ball and clears unwanted debris from the clubface for very consistent launch and spin control. The reworked Tour VT Sole contributes greatly to the improvement. The rounded edges on the new version makes the clubhead look much cleaner and allows for better turf interaction. The firmer SUP10 metal allows for thinner and faster faces, promoting higher ball speeds and more distance. In testing, we saw a slight gain in distance but nothing to shout about. Like the rest of the Z65 series, we did see considerable improvements in accuracy and consistently higher ball flights. With the ability to blend any of the heads in the Z65 series, the Z565's cater for wide market. We however recommend these irons for mid-to-high handicaps. We have seen many lower handicap players opt for Z565 for the longer irons and Z765 and even Z965 in the shorter irons.

The New Tour VT sole has been modified to move even more efficiently through the turf, reducing impact resistance and tightening shot dispersion for better consistency and control. Combining the soft forging of 1020 Carbon steel with a special heat treatment deliver unsurpassed feel and control
Improved spin control from 5% larger grooves than the previous generation and double laser milling.

- 1020 Carbon steel
- Improved spin control
- Tour VT sole
- Double laser milling

Product code: 4000685

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