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Like the Srixon 585 irons, there is no doubt new 785’s irons are Japanese craftsmanship at its finest. The 785 irons have a more challenging classic, thinner semi blade look to them. These are the kind of irons that Srixon have always been known for over the years, so we were expecting big things with the 785 irons.

We were pleasantly surprised by the butter like feel off the face when we tested the 785’s. The soft forged 1020 carbon steel body also adds to the exceptionally soft feel of the irons, something that we’ve come to expect from Srixon anyway.

We tested the new redesigned Tour V.T. Sole, which has the same look as the previous models, Srixon say it provides better turf interaction than the previous version, a great feature especially from tight lie situations. It was tough for us to tell if there was an improvement from our side over the previous version, but we had no complaints in this department. The player's style look also gives you the feeling that you can get the clubhead to the ball and work it through the air from any lie situation.

The 785 irons faces are laser milled to help with consistent spin for shots into the greens, whether you’re playing out of the rough or off the fairway. No complaints here, the control and performance we got off the face of the 785 irons, using a Srixon Z-Star XV golf ball, was exactly what we wanted to see.

Another great feature offered from Srixon, with all their sets, is the option to have a combination set. For example, if you battle hitting your longer irons because you either hit them too low or you struggle to find the sweet spot consistently. You’d benefit more from a higher launching and more forgiving long iron, in the form of a Srixon U85 utility iron or something similar. Srixon will make up a set like this for you.

If you’re looking for a player’s style iron that has the looks to match, the Srixon 785 irons are worth a test. We were also very impressed with the distance that we were getting from the workable 785 irons. Normally we would expect to lose a lot of distance from a semi-blade iron, but not in this case. Superb iron for the single figure handicap golfer.

Get incredible feel and total control with the performance technologies inside Srixon Z 785 Irons. Designed with better players in mind, a reduced heel-toe MOI provides the ultimate freedom to control your shots and work the ball around the course.

A newly redesigned Tour V.T. Sole provides even more consistent ball striking while maintaining enough versatility to execute any shot. Extra mass behind your impact location allows for powerful shot shaping with increased versatility. A body forged from a single billet of soft 1020 carbon steel offers less vibration and a better feel through impact.

Laser Milling produces consistent spin from the fairway or the rough, giving you total control on all shots and more stopping power into greens.

- Tour V.T. Sole
- Extra mass behind your impact location
- 1020 carbon steel body
- Laser Milling

Product code: 4001269

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