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“Wow!” Is possibly the only word we can use to describe the new TaylorMade M3 and M4 driver
series. TaylorMade have never shied away from testing the boundaries of club-head design and
the new M series is no exception. TaylorMade have produced the M3 in a 440cc head for those that
prefer a smaller profile (but the 440cc M3 is only available on special order) and a 460cc head which
has slightly more forgiveness. The M4 driver, which comes standard with a 460cc head will be more
popular for with every day golfers. The M3 and M4 ranges are oozing with the latest technology.
The biggest talking point in golf technology at the moment, is without doubt, TaylorMade’s Twist
Face. Is this just another gimmick or does it really work? Well numbers don’t lie and after testing, the
numbers do seem to be better on the high-toe and low-heel miss hits. Even though you can’t see
the twist face when you look down at the driver at address, the actual design makes a lot of sense.
TaylorMade’s research on shots struck with the driver concluded that, most miss hits were either
struck high in the toe or low in the heel. The shots struck high on the toe would tend to hook based
on traditional driver head shape and shots struck low in the heel would tend to fade or slice. To
counter this, TaylorMade increased the loft in the toe to reduce the hook spin and decreased the loft
low in the heel to counter the slice spin, hence the twisted face. After testing and hitting shots on
the heel and toe of the M3 and M4 drivers, we found the driver more accurate and consistent than
previous TaylorMade models.
TaylorMade have also introduced a new Y-Track sole weight system in the M3 heads, replacing the
T-Track in the M1 driver. There are two movable 11gram weights on the sole of the new M3, which
will allow you to hit the ball with a more draw or fade bias, as well as higher or lower ball flight,
depending what shape of shot you prefer.
The speed pocket in the sole of the M3 and M4 drivers is now called Hammerhead! What’s new?
TaylorMade have added support bars to make the sole slot stronger, which has allowed the
engineers to make the face even thinner for more speed and a bigger sweet spot. That’s not all
though; shot’s that are hit low on a driver invariably tend to over spin creating a balloon effect which
results in a loss of accuracy and distance. The deeper Hammerhead slot has reduced the backspin
on those low face hits, which now means more distance and a better trajectory.
The TaylorMade M3 and M4 drivers are phenomenal drivers. The M3 is aimed at lower handicap,
consistent swinging golfers who are looking for a more penetrating flight with low backspin
numbers. The M3 also offers loads of adjustability in the hosel and sole, for fine tuning those launch
angles and spin rates. TaylorMade also have several different shaft options that may be better suited to your swing than the standard shaft, so be sure to get fitted into the correct combination for your best results.

The Taylormade M3 series we feel is aimed at your single figure golfers. The driver definitely spins lower and therefore can be harder to control. If you tend to hit the ball well, but high, then definitely look at the M3 series. Taylormade still have the adjustable hosel for various loft options as well as an array of shafts for different ball flights. Keeping all this in mind, make sure you get fitted correctly to maximise the performance of your next Taylormade driver.

- Twist Face
- Hammerhead slot technology
- Reduces side spin
- More loft in the high-toe and less loft in the low-heel
- Increases ball speed
- 460CC Volume
- Mitsubishi Chemical TENSEI BLUE 60

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