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The TaylorMade M4 irons are going to be a sought after set of clubs for any player looking for distance and forgiveness. These irons have stronger lofts than most others, a thin flexible face with
speed slots and a new improved, bigger speed pocket on the sole. With this patented technology
from TaylorMade they achieved straighter and faster shots from off-centre shots.
A low centre of gravity and a high launching shaft with a low kick point can propel the ball to higher
elevation through the apex of the flight. The shafts can be fitted to all types of golfers, including
ladies and seniors. The M4 irons are better suited to the higher handicap player as they create a drop
and stop effect on approaching shots into the green.
What stands out with the M4 irons is the improvement in the sound and feel since 2017 M2 irons.
The new M4 has a quieter and softer sound when the ball is struck. There is less offset in this series
of M4 irons which provides subtle changes to previous generations, with an improvement in
performance from mishits.
The profile of the M4 irons is slightly larger with a wider sole which will suit the mid-to-high
handicapper who prefers more forgiveness and performance.

M4 irons unlock a new level of straightness, distance, and forgiveness in a product designed to be the longest in our irons lineup. A breakthrough innovation in irons performance; RIBCOR is designed to help you hit it LONGER, HIGHER, and STRAIGHTER. RIBCOR localizes face flexibility, transferring more energy to the ball to increase ball speed and promote straighter shots.

Speed Pocket technology improves low-face flexibility to deliver more ball speed in the key area where golfers commonly mis-hit.Face Slots enhance face flexibility in the heel and toe areas to preserve ball speed on mis-hits for greater consistency.

- Advanced Speed Pocket technology
- RIBCOR technology
- Face Slots enhance flexibility
- Increases ball speed
- Low-CG design
- Steel Men's - KBS MAX 85

Model Name: M4
Flight Bias: Neutral
Moveable Weight - Flight Bias: No
Shaft Brand: KBS
Gender: Men's
Product code: 4001097





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