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The TaylorMade TP Patina Men's Putter TP Collection Patina line-up highlights a retro-inspired finish of black nickel and copper that highlights the clear-cut lines and unique head shapes the putters' exhibit.
A thin line of copper becomes active around the edges in opposition to the black of the putter head, replicating previous putters that often had the same finish after years of use. The soles of the TP Collection Patina putters are plated entirely in copper, which will oxidise and darken with time.

Putter Types:
Del Monte: larger blade with a single bend shaft joining directly into the putter head. With only 8° of toe hang, it’s close to a face-balanced blade and will suit players with a straighter stroke.
Soto: more rounded-edge blade with a long curved hosel and 47° of toe hang. Will suit a stroke that rotates the head open and closed.
Juno: sharp-edged blade with an L-neck hosel and 36° of toe hang. Suits strokes that open and close the putter face.

Mallet Types:
Ardmore 1: classically-shaped, face-balanced mallet with a single bend shaft and three sightlines. For straight-back-and-through strokes.
Ardmore 2: face-balanced modern-mallet with only two sightlines. Will suit a straight-back-and-through putting stroke.
Ardmore 3: smaller modern mallet with a 42° toe-hang courtesy of a short slant hosel. Suited to strokes that open and shut the putter face.
DuPage: large, face-balanced high-MOI (moment of inertia, the resistance to twisting) mallet with a single bend shaft. Suited to straight-back-and-through strokes.

Product code: 4001561

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