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Finally a marriage the golfing world has been waiting for from Titleist; the power and
forgiveness of the AP1s, moulded together with the feel and workability of AP2s, gives you
the exciting new AP3 irons. This is long overdue from Titleist, and after our testing, they are
proving to be a pivotal set for them.
The AP3s have that very clean and sharp look of a players club, with the forgiveness of
an oversized head. Less offset allows them to be moved around in the air if you prefer
shaping your shots. The distances we were getting from the irons were surprisingly long,
which is a good move from Titleist because no golfer likes to lose distance when moving
from an oversize head to a more workable iron. This was always a problem when moving
from AP1 to AP2 irons as your game improves.
The irons have a great feel even on mishits and you see the results because the gapping
between good and bad shots is very small. Helping to achieve this is the hollow head
construction with an unsupported face, something that is becoming more and more
popular in the golf industry for power and forgiveness.
The irons come fitted with True Temper mid-launching AMT Black shafts, which
complement the irons perfectly. If you prefer a lower or higher launch with a different
weight, Titleist offer many shaft options to suit your style of play.
These irons will definitely suit the mid to low handicap golfer that maybe doesn’t play
often enough, and as a result is going to mishit a few shots. It’s workable, feels great and is
long so you can’t go wrong with the new AP3s.

The all-new 718 AP3 irons truly represent the best of both worlds. Everything we've learned from creating and advancing our AP1 and AP2 irons merged to create our longest, fastest player's iron ever. It's the player's distance iron.


- Hollow-blade construction
- L-Face inserts
- Compact blade design
- Strategically designed CG locations
- Smaller, more compact shorter irons provide feel, accuracy and control
-Ascending Mass Shafts are lighter in the long irons for launch and speed

Model Name: AP3 718
Hand Availability: Left Handed
Shaft Brand: True Temper
Shaft Weight: Heavyweight
Handicap: Mid-Low
Club Head Size: Mid-Size
Offset: Progressive
Set Make-up: 4-PW
Gender: Men's
Product code: 4001007





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