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When young players play with clubs that fit, they quickly develop golf swings that will last a lifetime. The proper club length and weight are keys to solid fundamentals, and that’s why players are fit into U.S. Kids Golf clubs based on height, not age.

The Ultralight set is designed for the beginner to intermediate player. The flexible shafts with the right club head weight and design help the developing player get the ball up in the air with ease. Add more clubs to the set as the player progresses.

Measure your player, in inches, to determine his/her correct size.

- Optimal Height Range 57 in. to 60 in.
- WT-15u model (15% lighter club heads)
- Stand Bag

Set make-up
- 21-degree Fairway Driver* (headcover included)
- 6-Iron
- 8-Iron
- Pitching Wedge
- Putter

Gender: Junior
Product code: 4036784

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