Golf Club Grips

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If youve been playing golf for a while have you recently taken a close look at the grips on your golf clubs? If not its definitely worth doing, the grip is the only connection you have with your golf club, so make sure its perfect. After a while grips become smooth and slippery, even dirty grips can affect your hold on the club. A simple trick is to use some dish washing soap, a clean cloth and some warm water to clean them and youll be amazed at the difference. Youll be looking at your shiny new grips with pride again.If a simple clean wont do then maybe its time to replace your grips and you can look at some of the premium brands for sale at The Pro Shop such as Golf Pride, Lamkin, SuperStroke and others.Another thing to consider is the thickness of your grips, if you wear a glove Medium Large or larger its unlikely you should be playing with standard sized grips. Golf Pride and others make midsize grips and jumbo grips which may suit you better. Read More