Golf Carts

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Do you enjoy walking during a round of golf but would rather not carry your golf bag or pay for a caddie? Then a golf trolley is for you! Sometimes called a cart, but not to be confused with a golf cart that is motorised and driven around the golf course, a trolley just holds your golf clubs and you can either push or pull it, depending on its design, around the golf course.Over recent years three wheel and four-wheel push carts have become very popular, largely replacing the two wheeled pull trolleys that were common 10-15 years ago. If you are budget conscious when looking for a cart, then a pull trolley is a good option but if you prefer a cart with a few more bells and whistles then its worth considering push cart. Most push carts have a few extra features like storage compartments in the handle as well as water bottle holder and umbrella holder are commonly found as standard items. If you would like to go a step further on the accessories for your push cart you can even find cooler bags, seats, shoe and club cleaners, GPS mounts amongst other items to customise your cart or trolley to suit your needs. Read More