Golf Shoes

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The golf industry in South Africa has become huge as well as the equipment and its apparel. Golf shoes are vital to every golfer's equipment, beginner, intermediate or advanced, providing stability, traction and comfort on the course. South Africa, with its stunning golf courses and growing golfing community, offers a variety of golf shoe options to accommodate players of all ranks. At The Pro Shop, we have a variety of affordable golf shoe choices, the very best select in South African retail spaces and we constantly have sales for the best at cheaper options.The Pro Shop has eight stores in the whole of South Africa, golfers can find a range of golf shoe brands that offer quality at a cheap price. Local retailers and online platforms provide various options, including both local and international brands- Puma, adidas, Nike, Callaway, and FootJoy, Sketchers just to name a few of the top-selling shoe brands.To give an overview just one of our fast-growing golf shoe brands here in South Africa and worldwide due to their comfort is Sketchers because of their comfort and style. The Sketchers shoe is great for both athletic footwear and casual sneakers. It's kitted with memory foam insoles and gives attention to design.It's always important to look out for our minor and major sales or specials throughout the year, especially here in South Africa, to ensure you get great deals on great quality but cheaper on the pocket.Some of the best times to expect specials are our stores are phasing products or rather end of Season ranges, towards the end of the golfing season, commonly in the autumn or winter months, many stores run sales to clear out their merchandise. This is the perfect opportunity to find discounted golf shoes from previous season collections on sale at the cheapest rate in these periodic sales. Major holidays such as those around festive seasons like Easter, Father's Day, Christmas, New Year, Black Friday and Cyber Monday are the best times to check out what specials are on offer in-store and online. Read More