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FNB & RMB Credit Card Promotion - FAQ’s

FNB Credit Card and The Pro Shop and Cycle Lab Promotional Campaign - FAQs


1. What is the offer?

FNB and MoreCorp (The Pro Shop and Cycle Lab) have partnered up to give FNB / RMB Credit Cardholders access to selected hardware (such as golf clubs from The Pro Shop and bicycles from Cycle Lab) at a promotional interest rate of prime or prime +2%, with an option to trade-in the device after 12 or 24 months for a specified trade-in percentage at the The Pro Shop and Cycle Lab.


2. What is the promotional interest rate?

The promotional interest rate is set at prime or prime + 2%. In addition to the campaign rules, should you meet the qualifying criteria as stipulated on the FNB Main Banked Rules available on the FNB website you will benefit from a promotional interest rate of prime on your qualifying purchase.


3. Who qualifies for this promotion?

The campaign is open to selected FNB Visa Credit Cardholders. This includes Aspire, Premier, Private Clients and Private Wealth, RMB Private Bank and Signet Credit Cardholders who reside in South Africa and are over the age of 18 years.


4. Who is excluded from the Credit Card Budget Plan Promotion?

FNB / RMB Fusion Account, Cheque / Debit Cardholders and Business Credit Cardholders are excluded.


5. What terms can be chosen for the purchase?

i) Monthly payments over 19 months, with the option to trade-in your purchase and receive up to 40% of the original purchase price after 12 months OR

ii)Monthly payments over 33 months, with the option to trade-in your purchase and receive up to 30% of the original purchase price after 24 months.


The only exceptions are forged irons and wedges in The Pro Shop and carbon road bikes in Cycle Lab, which will be financed over:

i)16 months with a 30% trade-in option after 12 months OR

ii)29 months with a 20% trade-in option after 24 months


6. Which purchases are linked to this promotion?

In The Pro Shop, this includes all Irons, Package Sets, Drivers, Hybrids, Fairway Woods, Wedges, Chippers & Putters (Excluding Used & Junior in these product categories).


In Cycle Lab, this includes all Mountain Bikes, Road Bikes, E-bikes, Cruiser bikes, Hybrid bikes, Time Trial bikes, BMX bikes (Excluding Used & Junior in these product categories).


Any product that does not fall into these categories above will not be eligible for the budget plan.


7. When swiping with a credit card, is the transaction on straight or budget facility?

The transaction will be swiped on the credit cardholder’s straight facility.


8. How does the transaction go onto budget?

FNB Credit Card will move the straight facility transaction onto the budget facility within 3 to 5 working days after the transaction date.


9. What if the transaction is swiped on budget?

We will rely on the term selected at the retailer. The budget facility will be collapsed and reinstated at the correct term with the promotional interest rate of prime or prime +2%.


10. How long is this campaign for?

The campaign runs from the 4th December 2017 to 31st March 2022.


11. What is the limit on purchases for this promotion?

The campaign is limited to selected products from The Pro Shop and Cycle Lab not exceeding R35,000 per credit card. Should purchases exceed R35,000 in a single transaction, only R35000 will be placed on the fixed interest


12. Are accessories included on the promotional interest rate?

No, the accessories amount will be separated from the purchase amount. The purchase amount will be on the promotional interest rate of prime or prime +2%. Accessories amount will be placed on the cardholder’s personalised interest rate.


13. What if purchase/s and accessories are on one purchase/ transaction?

FNB Credit Card will separate your purchase amount and put it on the promotional interest rate of prime or prime + 2%. Your accessories will be placed at your personalised interest rate.


14. Which Cycle Lab and The Pro Shop stores is the offer available in?

This offer is available at all The Pro Shop and Cycle Labs within the borders of South Africa, except The Pro Shop in Nelspruit, George and Port Elizabeth.


15. Can the promotional purchases be purchased on the Online store?

No, this offer is currently only available in store and not online.


16. Where can a copy of the The Pro Shop and Cycle Lab Terms and Conditions be requested?

The copy of the The Pro Shop and Cycle Lab Terms and Conditions can be requested from the The Pro Shop and Cycle Lab.


17. If there are any issues with the purchase, how do you escalate these issues?

Please visit The Pro Shop or Cycle Lab store.


18. If there is something wrong with my transaction, who do I escalate to?

Please email or call the number on the back of your FNB Credit Card.


19. Where can the Terms and Conditions for this campaign be found?

Please visit the FNB website, click “About FNB + Legal” and select “Promotions Terms and Conditions”.


20. Can I settle my budget transaction earlier? Are there any penalty fees?

Yes, you may settle the budget transaction earlier by paying the settlement amount into your credit card account and notify FNB to settle your budget transaction. There are no penalty fees for early settlements.


21. If I default on payment on of my credit card account, does the promotional campaign still stand?

No, if you default on your credit card monthly payment the fixed interest rate will fall away and your personalized interest rate will apply.


22. What if I transfer money into my credit card to have enough available for purchase?

If your credit card has been prefunded (meaning the purchase was not done on credit, and more specifically, if the limit does not cover the purchase amount), only what was used in terms of the credit limit will qualify for the budget transfer and fixed interest rate.


23. What if I finance different clubs over different periods?

This is possible but it will require separate invoices and swipes of your Credit Card for the product wanting to be bought in the various time frames.


24. Is The Pro Shop or Cycle Lab going to settle FNB if I trade in the clubs?

No. If you trade the clubs in after 12 or 24 months, depending on the deal selected at time of purchase, the cash refunded to you can be used to settle your outstanding budget balance with FNB. If you choose not to use this trade-in cash to settle the budget plan, you will still be obligated to FNB for the outstanding balance on the budget plan.


25. Am I paying for the transaction twice?

No, the swipe at the Pro Shop/ Cycle lab is to pay the store – These funds will be reserved for the purchase. The transaction will then be moved to budget and you will repay FNB Credit Card for the funds used, at a promotional interest rate of prime or prime + 2%.






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