Update on Lockdown Deliveries

We trust you and those around you are keeping safe during the national lockdown.

It has been inspiring to see how South Africans have rallied together behind the greater cause and adhered to lockdown restrictions for the benefit of the community as a whole.

Well done on making the decision to shop with us during the Legendary Lockdown Sale. With a weakened rand, you have probably saved yourself an extra 20-25% on the deals you got during our sale. This is over and above the insane discounts we were offering during this online promotion.

We have already started to see the impact the rand is having on future orders, so the fact that you have secured the deals you did, at the time you did is great for you as a golfer.

While certain trade is permitted under level 4 as laid out in official government legislation, our retail stores cannot reopen and resume work, even under heavy restrictions.

As it relates to our online business, we have studied the regulations issued in terms of Section 27(2) of the Disaster Management Act 2002, signed into law on 29 April 2020. Part J of Table 1 of these regulations allows the transportation of goods by roads only for activities listed under Section 22 (1). Our interpretation is that the supply of your goods fall outside these activities and are not classified as Essential Goods in accordance with Annexures B & C of the aforementioned regulations. In addition, in accordance with Annexure D dealing with Essential Services, paragraph 18 refers to courier services as an essential service, but only makes reference to the delivery of medical products.

In summary, as things stand under current level 4 regulations, and in order for us as a business to comply with our interpretation of the regulations, our stores remain closed for trade and we are unable to deliver online orders.

Once we are satisfied that our teams and our courier service partners are legally allowed to resume work, we will deliver all orders received as quickly as is humanly possible. We are not certain at this point what level that will be as nothing has been gazetted, but it appears that it may be level 3 based on the occasional statements that have been made by members of government.

We understand how badly you want the product you ordered and how important it is to you, getting it to you is equally important to us. We are committed to getting it to you in the shortest timeframe possible.

Please note that no in-store collections will be available either. To allow these collections will result in us contravening legislation by supplying goods that are not defined as essential. We anticipate that in-store collections will commence when our stores reopen for trade.

Thank you for your support and patience.






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