Xact-Fit Master Fitting

A Master Fitting

Performance must be your top priority when buying a new set of golf clubs. If you don’t get your clubs properly fitted, you cannot expect them to perform best for you! We use the latest technology and specially qualified fitters to deliver the best results, guaranteed!

Why is Master Fitting important:

Comprehensive analysis 

A master fitting is so much more than just putting a shaft into a club. It is a full equipment analysis to give you the best results from your entire bag- clubs to balls.

You Are Unique 

Your golf game is as unique as your fingerprint and with a master fitting, we can build a set of clubs that is perfect for you.

Mix and Match 

There are countless combinations that can be built to fit every gap in your bag.

Pump up your performance 

A Master Fitting will give your clubs better distance, more forgiveness, and maximum performance to suit your game.

The right club

The right clubs needs the right head, blade, or cavity back, game-improvement or super game-improvement.

The right shaft

We fit you with the perfect shaft- graphite or steel, weight, model, flex, torque, and kick point.

The right lie angle

We match and measure your lie angle to make sure every shot you play is perfect. Lie angle impacts ball flight- the right lie angle creates consistent ball flight.

The right length

We ensure the clubs are the perfect length for you. Your height, your wrist height, and your posture determine your club length.

The right grip

We make sure your grip is the perfect thickness and compound, giving you comfort and feel.

The right ball

Once you have the perfect set of clubs, we’ll look at which ball is perfect for your new club make up.

Impress your mates

We look at what makes you unique and fit you with the right equipment for your game.


A master fitting will deliver guaranteed results.

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